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Mirena and Skyla IUDs

We offer the Mirena and Skyla estrogen-free IUDs at Women's Medical Center. Please ask your provider if these are a good option for you.

Mirena IUD

Mirena is an FDA-approved intrauterine device (IUD) that is recommended for women who’ve had a child. It’s made of soft, flexible plastic. Getting Mirena is nonsurgical, and placement is done by your healthcare provider during a routine office visit. It typically takes just a few minutes.

Every woman is different, and some women may experience discomfort or spotting during or after placement. These symptoms should go away shortly. If they don’t, contact your healthcare provider. Within 4 to 6 weeks you should return for a follow-up visit to make sure that everything is okay.

Talk to your healthcare provider about Mirena if you’re looking for birth control that is:

Highly Effective—One of the most effective birth control methods—over 99%—and does not rely on you to be effective

Convenient—No daily pills and no monthly refills. It lasts for as long as you want, for up to 5 years. The timeframe is up to you. You should do a monthly self-check to make sure it’s in place. Ask your healthcare provider to explain how

Reversible—You can have it removed by your healthcare provider at any time, and try to become pregnant right away

Estrogen-free—It delivers small amounts of progestin locally into your uterus

Approved to treat heavy periods—Mirena is the first and only birth control that's FDA-approved to treat heavy periods in women who choose intrauterine birth control.

Skyla IUD

Skyla is a another type of IUD that releases a low dose of hormones and is over 99% effective at preventing pregnancy for up to 3 years.

Skyla releases small amounts of a progestin hormone locally into your uterus at a slow and continuous rate. It is estrogen-free and works continuously for up to 3 years.

Getting the IUD is nonsurgical and typically takes just a few minutes. Once in place, it provides continuous, highly effective birth control.

• No daily pills, monthly refills, or trips to the pharmacy. You should make sure Skyla is in place with a monthly self-check. Your healthcare provider can show you how

• Made of soft, flexible plastic

• Completely reversible and can be removed by your OB/GYN at any time if you change your mind, so you can try to get pregnant right away

• It may be smaller than you think (Actual size: 1.18”) Skyla is FDA-approved and can be used whether or not you have had a child. It is available by prescription only.

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